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ALABAMA 2 Adjustable Charcoal Grill Grill with Shelf

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  • CHARCOAL BARBECUE WITH SHELF: The ALABAMA charcoal barbecue has two chrome-plated steel cooking grids. The two individual cooking grids allow simultaneous cooking of foods that do not require the same cooking. The height of the cooking grids is adjustable to 3 positions, which will allow you to cook your food with the greatest possible precision.
  • PRACTICAL AND MOBILE BARBECUE: the ALABAMA barbecue has several grills: a charcoal grill and two cooking grills and a grill at the level of the feet which serves as storage . The large front shelf will serve as your work surface. You can easily move this barbecue as you wish thanks to these two wheels and its handle.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Double grill charcoal barbecue / Steel tank and windshield / Colour: black / Tank thickness: 0.8mm / Epoxy powder coating / 2 x wheels / 1 x carrying handle / Several grids: cooking grid, charcoal grid, storage grid / 3 cooking heights / One steel shelf / European conformity: EN1860-1 / Warning: the powder coating paint can withstand a maximum temperature of 350°C.
  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions (including the shelf): 91 x D.68.5 x H.83.5 cm / Cooking grids: 2 grids of 39.5 x 35.5 cm each / Bowl dimensions: 76 x 41 x 20 cm / Cooking height 3 levels: 76.5 cm; 80cm; 83.5 cm / To assemble yourself / Instructions included.
  • MAINTENANCE: To save time, clean your charcoal barbecue while it is still hot. It takes 15 seconds to clean a hot grill and 15 minutes when it is cold… To clean stainless steel parts, opt for a neutral cleaning product and a sponge or soft cloth. When you are not using it, it is best to store your barbecue in a dry, sheltered place or protect it with a cover. You must use charcoal, do not fill the tank more than 75%. The use of wood logs directly in the hearth causes an excessive rise in temperature which will cause damage to the product not covered by the guarantee.