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Barbecue smoker, KENTUCKY charcoal smoker

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  • AMERICAN CHARCOAL SMOKER BARBECUE WITH THERMOMETER : the KENTUCKY charcoal barbecue combines 2 functions: traditional barbecue and smoker. This barbecue has a lid and a high quality steel tank covered with heat-resistant black epoxy paint. This barbecue has 4 adjustable aerators, on each side, which makes it possible to manage the air flow and the density of smoke and to obtain a quick and efficient ignition. The KENTUCKY barbecue is equipped with a thermometer on its hood which will allow you to cook your food with the greatest possible precision.
  • PRACTICAL AND MOBILE BARBECUE: the KENTUCKY barbecue has several grills. A charcoal grid, a cooking grid, a grid to keep food warm and a grid at the level of the feet which acts as storage. The 2 folding wooden shelves will serve as your work surface. Once you've finished using the barbecue, you can fold down the shelves for easier storage. Thanks to these two wheels and these two brushed stainless steel finish handles, moving this barbecue will be child's play.
  • CHARACTERISTICS : Charcoal smoker barbecue / 2 functions: classic barbecue or smoker / Steel tank and cover / Colour: black / Tank thickness: 0.8mm / Epoxy powder coating / 4 x adjustable aerators / 2 x wheels / 2 x handles brushed stainless steel transport rack / Several grids: cooking grid, charcoal grid, grid to keep warm / Storage shelf / Two folding wooden shelves / Thermometer / European conformity: EN1860-1.
  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions (including shelves): 104.5 x D.67 x H.97 cm / Cooking grids: 2 grids of 38 x 33.5 cm each / Warming grid: 63 x 22cm / Front shelf dimensions : 61 x 23cm / Side shelf dimensions: 23 x 32cm / Cooking height: 78cm / To be assembled / Instructions included.
  • MAINTENANCE: To save time, clean your charcoal barbecue while it is still hot. It takes 15 seconds to clean a hot grill and 15 minutes when it is cold… To clean stainless steel parts, opt for a neutral cleaning product and a sponge or soft cloth. When you are not using it, it is best to store your barbecue in a dry, sheltered place or protect it with a cover. You must use charcoal, do not fill the tank more than 75%. The use of wood logs directly in the hearth causes an excessive rise in temperature which will cause damage to the product not covered by the guarantee.