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Composite wood fence fixing set

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  • Fixing set for composite wood fence : this set consists of x1 plastic cap, x1 aluminum base, screws and dowels included. This set is compatible with all Red deco brand Philly fences.
  • Composite wood garden fence: decorative elements, these blackout panels provide protection from the wind and prying eyes while dressing your terrace with taste and aesthetics. Composed of 20% wood - 80% PVC, it is resistant and durable without treatment. Our posts, our finishing bars and our square bases are 100% aluminum for better resistance over time, reinforced solidity and unequaled aesthetics.
  • Aluminum: aluminum is a material known for its strength and resistance over time. In addition, aluminum is a light material and does not undergo corrosion. This material is also compatible with an environmental approach: aluminum is a renewable material that is 100% recyclable.
  • Characteristics: included in this pack: x1 plastic cap for post, x1 aluminum base for post, x4 screws for fixing the base to the aluminum post, x4 insert pieces for the upper and lower aluminum bars, x8 screws for the mounting parts. insertion, x4 stainless steel expandable screws, x2 aluminum cover 4 cm.
  • Fencing options available : Basic set fence kit (2 posts): 1.85m x 1.94 m / Extension fence kit (1 post): 1.85 mx 1.87 m / Basic set + 1 extension: length 3.81 m / Basic set + 2 extensions: length 5.68 m / Basic set + 3 extensions: length 7.55 m / Basic set + 4 extensions: length 9.42 m / Basic set + 5 extensions : length 11.29 m.