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CONCEPT round inflatable spa 6 places Mspa

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  • DESIGNER AND HIGH-END INFLATABLE SPA: our Mspa 6-seater inflatable spa combines exceptional performance and original design. Easy to install, this spa equipped with an all-in-one control box will become your number 1 asset for well-being and relaxation. More than just a whirlpool bath, this spa is ideal for discovering the benefits of balneotherapy.
  • DROP-STITCH TECHNOLOGY: very solid, the 6-seater spa can be installed indoors or outdoors. The basin is made using Drop-Stitch technology. It is a mesh made up of thousands of very strong polyester fibers that connect the interior surface of the spa to the exterior surface. Thanks to the supplied high-pressure pump, you can easily inflate the pool to 1 bar. Thus, the spa is rigid and presents no risk of deformation.
  • TIMER FUNCTION AND RECYCLABLE FILTERS: The filtration system is practical because it is removable, thus facilitating maintenance and cleaning. To ensure quality and longevity, our filters are not made of paper but of polypropylene and are 100% recyclable. An alert lets you know when it's time to clean or change them. The heating system, meanwhile, is made of ceramic lined with insulated aluminum with a layer of polyamide. The spa is equipped with the "Timer" function which allows you to delay the heating of the water. For easy water maintenance, the spa is equipped with an ozonator. It purifies the water and thus reduces the amount of chemicals needed for its treatment. DIMENSIONS: Spa (outside): L 202 × Ø 173 × H 65cm, Spa (inside): Ø 163cm, Air jets: Ø 3mm, Power cord: 5.1m, Mat piece: L 59 × W 59 × H 0.5cm. Materials: Spa (exterior): PVC with drop-stitch technology, Spa (interior) and cover: PVC, Mat: EVA (foam). Interior spa colors: gray, exterior spa color: gray with patterns. The box contains: 1 spa, 1 pump, 1 cover, 1 mat, 2 filtration cartridges, 1 cartridge base. Package 1: L 78 × W 51 × H 71cm - gross weight: 41kg / net weight: 37kg.
  • TECHNICAL DETAILS: number of seats: 6, Capacity: 930L, Full weight: 970kg, Number of air jets: 138, Heating power: 1500W, Air pump: 720W (3 levels: 300W, 500W, 720W), Time heating rate: 1.2-1.8°C/h depending on the outside temperature, Max temperature: 40°C, Filtration power: 1514 L/h (12V, 60W), Options: ozone treatment system - antifreeze system - timer for energy saving, Standards: CE, ISO9001, To be fitted (instructions included), Guarantee: Basin 12 months, electronics 24 months.