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Integrated LED remote-controlled motorized awning - 4 x 3 m - VEGAS - gray waterproof fabric

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  • MOTORIZED AWNING WITH LED: The VEGAS terrace awning with integrated LEDs will allow you to both protect yourself from the sun and the heat, but also to create a warm living space on your terrace. Its 280 g/m² polyester fabric is waterproof. It is anthracite gray with a straight valance to protect you from the rising and setting sun.
    It has an aluminum frame, with a semi-chest, which protects the shade cloth in the closed position (protection against bad weather and insects).
  • RADIO FREQUENCY REMOTE CONTROL: The canvas is wrapped around a sturdy, anodized aluminum tube. The tension of this canvas is done using thick aluminum arms, double tension wiring, for a permanently taut canvas. The canvas is deployed and stored with a simple press of the radio frequency remote control. It is also possible to stop the opening or closing in progress. A hand crank is provided in case of power failure. Well thought out, the Vegas terrace awning adapts to your home, the inclination of the slope is adjusted with two adjustment screws.
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Type of awning: Motorized with integrated LED / Type of box: Semi box / Main color: Anthracite gray / Material of the fabric: 100% polyester + polyurethane coating / Density of the fabric: 280g/m² / Structure: Aluminum / Valance: Yes / Removable valance: Yes / Type of coating: Dark gray / Waterproof fabric: Yes / Water-repellent fabric: Yes / Frame: 2 arms / Material of the frame: Aluminum / Material of the roller: Aluminum / Material of the bar of torsion: Steel / Material of the load bar: Aluminum / Wall fixings provided: Yes / Number of wall fixings: 2 / Material of the wall fixings: Steel / Remote control included: Yes / Delivered with declutchable crank allowing the blind to be maneuvered during power cut / Wall mounting kit included / Assembly: assembly is done by 2, easy installation, instructions provided / Treatment: The structure is treated against corrosion. Finished with an epoxy paint to avoid any trace of rust. The canvas is coated with a thin layer of polyurethane to make it water-repellent and is treated against UV.
  • DIMENSIONS: Total dimension: 395 x 300 x 16.8 cm / Total net weight: 43 kg / Canvas dimension: 382 x 300 cm / Valance dimensions: 22-23 cm / Roll dimension: 78 x 1 mm / Aluminum front bar: 56 x 43 mm / Aluminum arm: 66 x 32 mm / 58 x 27mm / Torsion bar: 40 x 40 mm / Semi-chest: 151 x 72 mm / Metal crank: 160 cm / Packaging: the product is packaged in 1 box of: 399 x 21 x 16 cm / 47 kg
  • MAINTENANCE: The Vegas motorized awning is a quality product. It is equipped with a 205W Dooya tubular motor (subsidiary of the French brand Somfy) and is designed from robust materials to offer you a good longevity. It is ready to be installed on a hardwood support or on a solid concrete or brick wall, thanks to the hardware provided (wood screws, screws + socket anchors). Run a soft cloth over the awning for daily care. To clean the entire fabric, open your blind to the maximum and use a low-pressure water jet with a push broom or brush. Do not use high pressure or steam cleaners.